Monday, 7 April 2008

You're a Winner!

Photobucket...its cool for storing photos online. Really, its good. And for novices like me, it has this nifty little paint thingie.

Looks good, don't do anything with it, but...

Yes, well anyways. Just uploaded the piccie that I actually wanted to post...and I noticed...

Every single time that I sign into my account there...and I mean EVERY time, I get this annoying little pop-up that happily flashes at me and tells me that I'm the 999,999th visitor and that I've won something really great.

I think that it can't count. I mean. EVERY time!

And I don't believe for a second that every time I go there and ignore it, that it starts to count again from 0 and that I have that much luck that I could have, theoretically at least, won €500,000, 4 dream houses and an Audi, for being the 999,999th visitor 10 times in a row.

So, of course, I always ignore it.

But it's flashy cheekily at me and trying to tempt me by telling me that I already have the guaranteed prize of a 5* cruise down the Nile.

Maybe its run by the same people who do the technical stuff for SL.

*looks at it pleading at her to press it out of the corner of her eye

No, I shall resist! It's a scam.

But...5* holiday, that would be sooo good.

Who wants to come with me?

Ok...I know, if you do, go onto Photobucket and you click on it. I mean, its screwed, so it'll come up for you too.

Come on Boss! Use a work computer and get it infected with some crappy trojan or spambot. But take me off for a week!


I have had 24 unique visitors (*jumps up and down excitedly, clapping her cooool is that????). The 999,999th one...THEY get the 5* Nile cruise with me. I'll pay.

*bats her eyelashes prettily at The Boss and mumbles...I'd prefer option number one though. The other option may take a while.


Alejandro Ferraris said...

How can I stand such a cheeky girl? pretending me to infect my pc in order to bring her on a Nile Cruise!
Yes, because, dear readers, you don't know my girl enough maybe, but I know her well, and believe me: for her the main purpose of a week long holiday with me is to torture me all week long with her cheekiness in order to be well cuffed and tied and to have her little cute arse well spanked in an exotic venue...
How could I resist?

Poppy said...

You always have to bring my intelligent and deep insights and thoughts down to a naughty level Master!

*grins and chuckles - how well you know me.

*flips through her diary..I have time in July or August..and you?