Saturday, 5 April 2008

Poppy goes under the knife

Well, back to fantastic lil ol moi again. Hehehehe.

No, I wanted to write a little about a topic which had occupied my mind for a while.

For those who've known me for a while, you'll see from my piccie above that I changed my skin.

I find it an interesting topic actually. I mean, I have two alts (yes, yes...I promise, I'll talk about that at some point too!) and one of them has a dragon and an elephant (oh god...THE cutest mini pink lil elephantie, she comes up to an normal avie's knee and her ears die for!..must transfer her over, just to give The Boss a shock! Hehe). And I even think that I have a cute pair of ears and a tail somewhere in my inv too.

Strange huh? But I really had a hurdle to overcome whilst thinking about getting a new skin.

Poppy is *me* that, the way that she acts and behaves and all of her comments and words are mine. I don't roleplay in SL. So, when she was born, I got her kitted out with a new skin and hair and such. As I had been here before, it went quickly, but I was still careful when I got her face as it just isn't something that I feel that I can then change.

A couple of weeks ago, I finally kinda got bored of her old face (much as I normally only ever see the back of her). I had changed her hair, but funnily enough, once I had settled on her long purple hair, I always bought a style to reflect that. Much as I could argue with myself that I would go to the hairdresser in rl.

So skin...I kinda looked half-heartedly around and never liked anything. Nothing looked half-way natural. And I like to think that Poppy at least has a friendly-looking face and I didn't want that to go. Finally found one that I liked and got it. I think that she looks lovely now, although a little older than she used to look and I didn't change anything about her body at all. And it gave me an excuse to go out and buy even more hair as the old stuff just didn't suit her.

But how odd...that I identify with her to such an extent that I have to justify getting a new skin with, "Well, its like changing my style of make-up".

And then...well, The Boss. He would never have asked me to get a "prettier" skin or anything, but he was pleased. I have a good eye for pixels I guess ;P But then he made a comment about Poppy's boobs.

Yes, really big oh-fuck-it-this-is-virtual-reality concession was my vanity in regards my boobs. I had them fairly decently sized, quite modest in fact, but I had them as perky as can be. Hehehehe

Apparently they didn't look real enough. Too funny, but really. I got all wound up! I mean, love me, love my "flaws". In rl I wouldn't go out to get a boob job. I would never in a million years change my body to please someone else!

So...I calmed down (first dramatise everything and THEN listen, that's me) and let The Boss fiddle with me bits (oh lol!). And I can only boobs...on the appearance scale - oh dear, on the bad end of the scale when it comes to "sagginess", but oh my...they actually look soooo much better than these ridiculous pneumatic balloons that some of the girls here have!

But that's it now. Now more body modification! The Boss did make a comment once or twice that I'm taller than him. To be fair, I think that Poppy equates to 6"7 or something. But still, no. I am not going to chop off bits off poor Poppy's legs!

But you know one thing which really gets to me here? We all look more or less great. Pixel Perfection to one degree or another. And how refreshing. Whether I have one skin or another, whether my boobs look real or fake, its all bullshit really (ok, yes, this need that we all have to be vain and look so great is another post). a world where we all look fab, one can really and truly concentrate on the personality and the person behind the pixels.

If only rl were that way too.

And boys? I WILL know if you just camera in on my boobs now you know.

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Poppy has new puppies.....