Monday, 21 April 2008

/me lives!

Yes, I made it through - not broke and I didn't end up in Siberia.

Great party, but as always there's never enough time to speak to everyone properly which is a shame. But still, great to catch up.

I had to giggle hard though...

Do you remember? Way way way back when you were a....*coughs...a noob (bleurgh, but yes, we all were at some point, although none that I know walked round with prim cocks asking strangers if they wanted a fuck - and that's just the women). And do you remember these trees? Where if you are less than 30 days old, you can go round and pick money off of the trees.

I remember finding out about them within my first few days in SL and going around. Problem was was that I hadn't yet gotten the hang of HOW to pick the money up. Idiot! The friend that I made and who I was travelling around with got sick of me moaning and being stupid and picked off as much as he could and then transferred it to me instead. Sometimes it IS useful being a helpless woman.

Through my search for money trees (there used to be a notecard with the slurls) I found SFH: Support for Healing. Its a great sim and has been designed by Luna Bliss (of Bliss Gardens fame) and I ended up making it my home for a long time. Before the days when I had a house or land. Then came the point when I brought in my own money and one thing that I would always then do was deposit a chunk of money at the tree for the noobs who came after me.

And it seems that my "good deed" (which I still do by the way, every month I leave money there) has paid off. For my birthday I got my very own money tree! And in €, not L$!

The Germans have this lovely tradition that when you give money as a present, that you fold it in the form of flowers or the wings of a butterfly and attach it to a plant.

And very own, rl money tree!

And yes...I'm older than 30 days. 30 years in fact, but time is like dog years like that ;P

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