Friday, 18 April 2008

P(otentially) M(ixed) T(emperament)

Bollocks, shit, gaaaargh, FEKKIT!

Yes males, I am NOT in a good mood today. And don't you dare bloody roll your eyes!

*smiles at the ladies...thank you, I can feel your understanding rueful chuckles.

So, yes...the day started off well and then I found myself in the grip of a hideously irrational foul temper, balanced out by feeling pathetic and weepy. Great eh?

It seems to be a common myth that when (and no, it isn't always every sodding month, oh wise males) we women suffer from pmt, that we actually quite enjoy it, maybe even play it up a little. flash - I hate it! Notice the previous use of the word "suffer". Its not fun.

And no..its not fun for you men either. But I don't find it fun when I have to keep my mouth shut about something when you lot are tired or hungry. And that happens on a far more regular basis!

So, in SL tonight, RL party tomorrow night - God, the pressure to HAVE to be in a good mood!

So...I decided to go shopping for a new outfit on the way home from work for my party tomorrow night. I have to honest, the mood that I was in, I was not exactly enthusiastic nor was I really expecting to find anything.

But! Wait! Oh. My. God. I tried on my normal size....and it was too big! Yipppppeeee! But not only that. It was waaaay too big!

Now seriously, much as Poppy might go shopping at every convenience and have an inv bursting with clothes, *I* actually don't.

But oh my! I got into a pair of jeans which were TWO sizes smaller than normal!!! Well fuck me! How did I not notice this before??? I have no idea either. Like I said, I don't pay all that much attention to all that kind of "girlie" stuff in rl.

So anyway, instead of just getting one new top, I got a new pair of jeans, three tops, a new pair of shoes (ok, no change in size there, but I am still a girl) and some new underwear. Oh yes...and a S.K.I.R.T. The Boss will be happy: ;P add to my new-found good I was queuing to spend a small fortune on my new SMALLER clothes...the most funniest sight I think that I have ever seen was in the queue in front of me...

Imagine if you will: a tall man, long straggly hair...wearing a pair of ridiculously high heels and..oh good lord...and....oh shit, I'm still laughing. He had a long, very thin t-shirt on which he kept pulling up (it just about covered his arse and was some awful pale salmon pink) to reveal a pair of tight grey y-fronts which he kept running his fingers under to pull out of his crack.

Oh Jesus Christ, was that a sight! And he kept telling us all about what a hard day he had had - its not easy being a TV star apparently. *snorts with laughter.


So, as I sit here sipping a lovely chilled rosè, my thoughts on the day:

1). pmt is shite. Boys, just be really sweet, kind and gentle with us and understand that we hate the irrationality of it too. And we can't help it! I swear!
2). To cheer us up out of a foul mood, you don't have to dress as above (although it might force a giggle out of us if you did), but just be patient, like we have to be with you lot too at times!
3). A stupid roll-over-and-simper slavelet once told me...pmt is no excuse with your Master - maybe not with yours, no. But with mine, it damn well is!!! Whether he likes it or not!!!

*takes a breath and calms down

4). It doesn't last forever and we will get our sunny mood back again. Although its not guaranteed for how long and we reserve the right to change our minds for no reason at any time again.
5). Berlin is possibly THE coolest place to live.
6). I am now almost looking forward to both of my parties (although..I went to the bank to get some money out for tomorrow night and got a little stuck. I know my friends - should I have taken out more money to put behind the bar??? I much alcohol can 25 of your nearest and dearest drink in one night? *groans...I'm not going to think about it. I KNOW how much they can drink. Ouch, my bank manager is not gonna like me come Monday!)
7). I have nothing intelligent to say today.

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