Tuesday, 8 April 2008

And on a lighter note...

...*sighs...well, its my Birthday next week.

Yes, yes...I hear you all. "Which one?" Well, as all Brits will know, the Queen has two Birthdays; the official Monarchs's (the Royal "We") and her own. I'm more special...I have several! Ha!

My official rezzday is 1st Feb. And Poppy has her rezzday too. And then...I have my rezzday.

30 years of RL. *groans and checks in the mirror for wrinkles (none) and grey hairs (a few)

And do NOT even start! All you "older" people out there, with your "life starts at 30" rubbish. You only say that to make yourselves feel better. Having a 3 in front of all the numbers is only good for one thing: its better than a 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Anyways...birthdays, especially a round number are normally celebrated (can you hear my enthusiasm just bubbling out of the screen at you here?).

I've been bullied into organising a party for my mates in RL (for "organising a party" please actually read "being allowed the pleasure of my friends' company purely and utterly on the basis that I am paying for them to get absolutely off their faces") and...well, someone thinks that it would be a nice idea to celebrate in SL too.

Thanks Boss.


So...the date of the party will be next Friday (18th of April, and no, it isn't my actual birthday) and will be around 22:00 CET and The Boss has kindly offered his place for it.

Details will, of course, follow: SL times (for all you non-CET people...oooh, sounds like a nasty disease!) and Slur...and of course...theme. Can't have a party in SL without a theme! No, no, no!

But I'm still a little stuck on this one. So any ideas, please comment. And be sensible!


Please don't.

And to pre-empt the normal, "what do you want for your birthday pressie?" question (which if not asked, forget coming to the party!!! ;P)...good wishes and a good humour will be gratefully received. :))

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Banjac Serevi said...

Ooooooo lovely, a party.

Always like an excuse to get a new frock...whoops that is the other av... blushes....