Saturday, 5 April 2008

Half Short

Once in a while we meet someone who, after a little time of knowing them, we wish that we had known for longer. That one had met earlier in one's life.

This is a kind of feeling that I have with Half.

A friend of mine, Banj, had gotten to know Half and had talked about her to me a little. I then saw her hanging about (no doubt, with intent) and thought to say hi. And since then, I feel like I have met a woman who has become a warm friend and who will become even more of a permanent fixture in my life.

With Half, I feel like we could have been friends in a former life. And the coincidence which may have kept us apart the last time around, has conspired to bring us together this time. And I'm so glad that it has.

This woman is full of grins, compassion, empathy, a wonderful sense of humour and she gives great hugs.

And, you know what? When someone takes the time to hold your hand, even when they themselves are facing high obstacles, then those are the special ones.

In you Half, I see a fantastic, generous, warm woman. And you say that you think that we're similar in many aspects. *smiles. I agree honey. And what a wonderful reflection of ourselves we can see in the other. Thank you for that.

And yes...a hilariously wicked partner in crime. I'm still looking for that padded cell.

Be afraid Banj, be very afraid *mwhaa ha ha


Anonymous said...

I am convinced we met before, not as pixelated postures, but as the two wicked witches of the West.

Finding you again confirms that i made some right choices whilst walking my yellow brick road.

*winks at all when she softly kisses Poppy*

*Banj...I should start to worry now*

Half Short.

Anonymous said...

Be worried?
Be afraid?
Don't you both think I am ahead of you there?
Writes "Help me, save me" message in a bottle and throws it in the sea.
While hiding behind the settee....



Anonymous said...

*takes the bottle out of the water*

*no place to run, no place to hide!*

*blowing a kiss to Banj*