Friday, 11 April 2008

You know that its been a bad day when... don't get through the front door until 21:45

and you haven't been down the pub.

...the avocado that you were craving and paid 3 times the normal price for because its "ripe and ready to eat"

isn't ripe.

... you open that bottle of chilled yummy white that you bought on the way home

and its corked

and the only other alcohol that you have in the house is ONE bottle of WARM beer

and the local mini-supermarket closed at 9pm.

...that the peaceful "coming back down and relaxing after a shitty day at work for 40 minutes whilst catching up with some reading" train ride

turns into hell due to the drunken 16 yr olds and the loud mouthed damned tourists

and your iPod has no battery left. run to catch the underground, as it only runs every 10 minutes at this time of night

and some stupid tourist doesn't know the "stand on the right, walk on the left" rule, blatantly ignores your huffing, puffing and swearing..whilst smiling dumbly at you

so that you miss the train by 30 seconds

and then the same stupid, fuck-wit tourists ask you for directions whilst you all wait finally settle down and go to sign into SL

you get the following message: "In order to increase overall stability of the grid today during peak usage hours, our operations team has disabled a set of in world functions to reduce overall database load and create a more reliable experience for everyone."

Fair enough.

Until you try to log-in and see an update to this message which says: "In addition to the reduction of services outlined below, Operations will be immediately disabling the following services for at least 30 minutes: Logins..."

Well...stopping people from logging in is one way to reduce database load I guess.

Fucking idiots.

Reliable? Reliably crap, yes.

Although...maybe it hasn't been such a bad end to the day...

*sits back and thinks of those tourists who are, at this very moment, wandering aimlessly around the back-end of Berlin and will have to travel another hour to get where they actually wanted to be

*smirks evilly and chuckles.


Anonymous said...

You know it will be a bad day when

* your deodorant sprays into your face instead of under your arm

* your seven year old tells you that a full roll of toilet paper doesnt let itself flush


Half Short and a cheeky seven year old

Banjac Serevi said...

You know it will be a bad day when....

....West Ham are playing...

...especially against a team that is almost relegated and has only got one point from 8 games... we will be able to make even that pile of poo look classy...



Poppy said...

You're both pessimists!

I, at least, write about it after and don't expect it to be that way!


Hope that it all got better for you both *kisses

Banjac Serevi said...


Yeah well, I was proved right....

Lost 1:0 to a bunch of almost relegated Northerners wearing clogs (sorry Half - not a Dutch jibe....) and who have grown lardy through eating too much black pudding....

Next Saturday we play the bottom club who are already relegated and who lost 0:6 at home yesterday....

Oh god...noooooooo - I will be there.....blood pressure and stress will be awful...

Anonymous said...

You know it will be a good day...

(lets take it to the possitive side now)

... when your husband is gone for 2 nights and isnt with a lover

... when the kids are gone too for one night and arent with a lover

... when you have the house to yourself and expect your lover to be there any minute

... when you know West Ham will play cos your lover will need some TLC


Half Short

Poppy said...

And you know that it has been a great end to the week, and a wonderful start to the next when...'ve ended the day laying peacefully and quietly in the arms of your lover, with him whispering in your ear and making you giggle.

Maybe silly, but exactly how I wanted my birthday to start.

Thank you Master :)


Poppy said...

And I think that its adorable how you two write soppy stuff to one another through my blog...but really!

Half, Banj...GET A ROOM!!!


Banjac Serevi said...

Why do we need a room?

Exhibitionism is fun....

Half thought she had trousers on in a shop but....ohhhhhh errrr.


But don't say I said so....

Oh and


Poppy said...

*smiles...thanks Banj! :)

And I can't imagine there being all that many instances when half doesn't have the trousers on ;P

Banjac Serevi said...


When will I learn that heckling from the audience only ever gets me a deserved put-down ....????

(Mind you, you might be surprised about the trousers, or more precisely lack of said article, sometimes... he said bravely while simultanously looking around furtively and starting to twitch)

Anonymous said...

Hee you 2... stop talking about my trousers as if they aren't there...

*looks down*

Ooh sorry you are right...

*puts trousers back on*


Half Short


That room is booked Banj *winks