Saturday, 5 April 2008

Endov Rhode

First off, I have never seen Endov nekkid! This is his profile piccie which he sent me when I asked for one!

*licks her lips....but that IS an idea. ;P

This is another lucky meet. Mr Rhode is a darling man....he talks too much and has an ego the size of the bloody ocean - endless!

As an example. I talked to him about my blog, that I was gonna start one and that I wanted to use it as an extension of my profile and also to try and write. So, asked him for a picture and if it was ok if I put him in here.

This is the email that I got from him:

"I was going to assist in writing some info about myself for your ‘Cast’ but probably best if you just make it up – some key words:

- Adorable – a common word used to describe me :S
- Aussie with a HUGELY sexy voice that makes ‘other’ women’s knees quiver and their pussies drip, mmmm
- Wonderfully intelligent and witty (but not to the standard of Popette)
- I could go on, but that would be arrogant….."


Sorry Endov, but you asked for that...arrogant lil puppy!

But its true, he is adorable in a naughty puppy kinda of way, he does have a gorgeous voice, although I have yet to succumb, he is intelligent and witty when the mood suits him. And yes, modesty is his biggest failing.

All-in-all, a fun mate who I slurve to pieces and I'm glad that he's there. I can talk to him about anything under the sun and he doesn't judge and I'm always happy that he feels that he can come to me too.

Although I think that he still hasn't gotten over the fact that I'm one of the few women who hasn't fallen prey to his many charms. ;P One day, eh?

Anyways, he's all sloved up himself, so I don't think that I would get a look-in even if I wanted too.

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