Saturday, 5 April 2008

CyAnne Hapmouche bring so much colour into my life. Thank you. You are a smart, sensitive, spunky bundle of fun and love.

We don't have all that much time with one another. But you get me. And I just think that you are one cool gal!

This is another great hugger. Funny as hell and when we do manage to get together, we rock!

SL has put a funny spin on the word "sister". In German there is a word: "Schwesterherz". There is no direct translation, but it essentially means "Sister of the heart".

That's what you are to me.


And I can't wait until the day comes when you and I are in pjs and silly fluffy slippers with a coupla bottles of wine, film playing which we ignore coz we're too busy putting the world to rights, swooning over our men and bitching about all those wanna-be Masters out there.

But please...cushions on the floor all around the bed! With us two there is always too much "ROFL!" that it might be dangerous otherwise! xxx

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