Saturday, 5 April 2008

Knocking at the Gates of Hell

LL have fucked things up royally the last couple of weeks and it seems to be getting worse.

I'm sat in the Poppy Field writing and catching up with my blog and notice how quiet the IM channel is.

Well...its coz log-ins are down. Again!

Much as I'm busy writing, SL is a lonely place without you guys. :(( My friend's list is totally and utterly dead. And you lot are worse than me for the gross amount of hours spent in SL!

And now, I just read, they're gonna kick out those of us still here so that they can fix the problem.

*crosses her arms and frowns, sulking, as she digs her heels in. Nope, I am not bloody leaving!

Like the last drunk at the party at 6am who doesn't want to go home.

*looks around for something to tie herself too and starts singing the theme tune to "Titanic".

Any of you who are trying to get back on who need plants watering or pets (of the four legged variety ;P) feeding? Send me an email and I'll trudge on over there and make sure that they're dealt with. Hope that you all locked your doors on the way out!

Oooh! I might go and visit all of your places and snoop! You can't suddenly pop in and catch me at it! I've always wanted to know what pervy things you all get up to - I might just go and check out all of your dungeons and hop on your poseballs in your beds. I will wash the covers after though.


God, I make myself chuckle at least!

*flicks back over to SL....nope, still here. Oh...just for another 4 minutes. :((

*straps herself to the tree and mutters to the LL gods as she puts on her swim vest.

And I was just about to build a ball like Tom Hanks' in that Robinson Crusoe film, that I could sit and talk to instead of you lot.


Might get some better answers from that - less damned cheeky!

*sighs and cocks her head to one side as she looks at her book shelf and her TV. What a novel idea. Hmmm


Anonymous said...

Watching TV, reading a book, actually working on my graduation, doing some laundry, talking on the phone (ya'll know, voice in RL), filling up the dishwasher, checking email and actually responding, scrubbing the bathroom (if you ever have kids, get a daughter instead of a son, they are less messy. I believe they are sold at TESCO for only 3400 L$), reading a magazine, going for a walk, grocery shopping (kids get grumpy if you don't feed them, especially the boys), nodding off, searching for a cigarette and i don't even smoke, eating chocolate which i detest, walking like a headless chicken, checking the blogs constantly, opening SL to see its still offline...

Am I addicted?

Half Short

Poppy said... ain't addicted actually left the house. A true addict would never dare to.

Hehehehe...trying to leave, getting to the door and then having to run back to check if its online again...and then getting as far as the door again and thinking..."Oh! It might be back up and running in the time that it took for me to get from the laptop to the door"...and running back again.

Soooo much easier just to sit in front of the blog and press refresh every 30 seconds.

*shakes, sweats and froths at the mouth as her body jerks and she whines pitifully in the general direction of California

Anonymous said...

Half Short has a laptop...
She keeps it up and running, even when she walks towards the door...
The damn thing isn't that heavy thank God...

*Hits F5 again*

Anonymous said...


Which pose ball position is that then?