Saturday, 5 April 2008

Half is bored

So she keeps SPAMMING my blog


But she's fuuuuuny!

And oh yes, "Linden Lab® cock-ups" is now trademark pending.

Coz if things keep going on like this...I'll make an absolute fortune suing anyone and everyone who whinges.

Half....going back to my comment the other day about cling-film (®??) on the keyboard - I really hope that you took my advice.

(I'm boooooored!)

And yes...the "®" things is most likely also boring now too. Tough. Don't care. Go amuse yourselves elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

Linden Lab® cock-ups, you can have all the proceeds coming from this.

My choices are:

Linden Lap®
Second Live®

I will make a fortune on all you typonese writers out there!


Half Short

Poppy said...

You might get lucky, but...

"This is NOT OK:
Second Lives

All bit touch and go there