Thursday, 24 April 2008


Twinity - have you guys heard of it?

I hadn't, not until today.

Background: I'm a member of Xing - the German, soon-to-be-European version of LinkedIn (and sooo much better!) and am involved in a few groups.

Not very "Poppy-like" in some aspects I guess, but what you lot don't know about me is that I'm actually quite involved in SL in other aspects rather than just as Poppy (yes, comes the Alt thing again).

So...Xing have several forums in regards SL and I keep an eye on them all. Two weeks ago I went to an in-world meeting and was...well...hmmm... Opinionated. *grins...doesn't matter what avatar I use, some things never change I guess!

Anyway....result of this was that I was invited to become a co-moderator of one of the groups and join in the general discussion. Bit of a pain in the arse time-wise as I have a lot on at the mo, but a great compliment.

So today....I was just scanning the SL forums as there are a couple...and hit a post about Twinity. Its in Beta and looks like it could be interesting. I've been to before. SL was down and I was desperate, what can I say? Oh my god...yawn!!!

Anyway...I've applied for the Twinity beta grid. Its still closed and through application only. I'm NOT a techie, but...who knows.

Anyways, we shall wait and see if I get let in. I contacted the person in Xing who works for the company and so I shall stalk him if I don't!

And the interesting stuff with this company is...not only did they win a round of venture funding a few weeks back (so someone's taking them seriously), but....

The company is based in Berlin!

And they're looking for staff!!!!!

*nearly faints in joy

Well, ok...a bit of calmness is maybe needed as all their open positions are for techie jobs...but fuck it! I'm rl or in sl I'm still me...and that means that I'm a cheeky pain in the arse.

So...not only did I contact this guy about the Beta grid, but also...well...I kinda asked him if they have any other jobs going. I don't care if I started out being the one who writes letters and makes the coffee!

And I've been invited to send my CV in.

Ok...hardly a job of the year offer...yet! But I'm proud of myself for even trying. And they shall be getting my CV in the next few days.

Mad as it would be my dream company to work for. Can you imagine getting paid for this shit???

We shall see...most likely I shall get a polite letter back and my CV will, at best, go on file. I have NO experience in what they seem to be looking for.

But you never know until you try. And I shall be proud of myself that I tried.

And failing everything else...stalking could be the way to go.


Banjac Serevi said...

Hmmmm, well I wish you luck in the job hunt. Duck to water or what? You tell those geeks what is needed, not what they think is needed!! You become Frau Linden?
But don't even think about running away from SL.....stalking??? don't know the meaning....Banj will show you...
No hiding place, virtual or otherwise.
Seriously though you would be a great acquisition for them. If you need a reference...hahahahaha...what stories Banj can tell...

Anonymous said...

Banj! Behave!

Don't stalk this little old lady (30 is old when you are 7)... cos if you do, you will know the true meaning of stalking too... *evil grin*

*pondering if Banj's will think its a bad thing if i start to stalk him*