Saturday, 19 April 2008


A huge great big thank you to everyone who came to my SL bday party last night. And for all the funny and lovely and thoughtful pressies!

I had a great time and hope that you all did too. :)))

In regards presents, thanks guys! I shall look forward to wearing my new underwear and straight jacket whilst sat in my padded cell and reading my new book as I lean against my new spanking horse and ponder what I shall do with my gift voucher before gazing at my beautiful picture. And not to forget the piggy back ride - can't wait to try that out!

Bunch of loons!


Thank you :)

Anyways - on the topic of parties, I am leaving for my rl one. Dinner first and then....well, it was great knowing you all. I shall have to sell all my belongings to pay for my friends' drinking problems and so shan't be online anymore. Plus, I shall be in hospital myself for the next week with alcohol poisoning myself. Or else they play some horrific trick on me and I end up naked, without my passport in eastern Russia.

Whichever was lovely. I love you all and LL have my account details and will distribute my inv to you all as per my will.

*chuckles and runs out the door...

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Banjac Serevi said...

Hi Pops

Yeah, a great do Friday - so long ago already...
As for the presents...well it was never going to be twinset and pearls with an Abba CD was it..?
Half banned me from getting the skin with three breasts...she is just so conservative! (And the skin with a 50% surplus in the buttock department for Alej so he did not feel left out got kiboshed as well.....).

And I take it you are not presently working your way back from Eastern Russia with only your hands to cover your embarrassment...