Saturday, 5 April 2008

The Boss

Well, its about time, I guess, to introduce a few people, before they start to get bored of purely my ramblings. Plus...I like the idea that I can sneak onto the web at work and smile at you all. No AjaxLife for me I'm afraid.

Oh god....what smaltzy crap am I writing now?

Anyways...The Boss.

Apparently I'm his pain in the arse, well, I hate to disagree (lol! as if!), but I think that its more the other way around! ;)

This man, what can I say? Well, what can I say which won't have you all puking onto your keyboards?

I met him a few months ago. And it has been one hell of a ride ever since.

Alejandro Ferraris - first and foremost he's my friend. I'm lucky enough to have bumped into and found someone who is on my wavelength, who's funny as hell, who has THE sexiest chuckle (which I do as much as I can to invoke). His patience seems to know no bounds, he has a delicious mind and can keep up with me in whatever direction I run. And sometimes knows not to run, but to let me exhaust myself. His mind is a wonder, he can challenge my heart and my head.

He helps me to heal myself.

Don't get me wrong, he ain't a saint! He's a difficult bugger at times, but its worth it. I have what I deserve. And vice versa. A complex, interesting, fun and intelligent person in my life.

He's mastered me like no other could. He leads me along the edge and I'm learning. Learning that as long as I keep my eyes on his, then I won't stumble and fall. That he doesn't want me to fall, that he won't let me fall.

And how he's worked for that trust. From my first cheeky-to-the-point-of-aggressive IM that I sent him, through the laughs and the tears, through the times when I flinched from trusting, when I question, when I demand, when I doubt.

He's seen so many of my sides. And has accepted and embraced every single one.

He even still likes me in spite of them. ;P

He leads and nudges, points something out. And then lets me amble or run along at my pace. He never pulls at my collar. Never threatens.

And be it exploring SL, talking, beating him at backgammon, exchanging ideas and thoughts, being harsh, tender, silly, intimate..he always, always expands my mind, enriches my heart and god, does he make me grin.

And I'm happy to report, that I think that I do the same for him too, now and again at least. *grins

Mio Padrone, you know that your popette could write pages upon pages of all that she thinks about you, but you know it, so I shall spare the rest of them the gut-wrenching embarrassment of having to read my gushing words of adoration. *snorts with laughter and goes to throw up at her own words of schmaltziness.

Kisses to you.

And yes, I know what happens shortly after people go public with their ridiculous romantic statements like this - it is guaranteed to go pear-shaped. ;P

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