Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Playing catch-up

Gargh...its hectic at the moment and I'm really missing the time that I normally take just to think. I think a lot normally. I mean, I know that we all think, course we do. But I kind of..well, deliberately think. I enjoy spending time...thinking.

My day is sometimes even based around just thinking. I normally end up later than I would like for work as I almost always drift off into my thoughts whilst in the shower. The train ride to work is used for either sleeping (dependant on how little I got whilst in bed - I sleep very well, just never long enough it seems..always more important things to be doing) or reading (which I love to do, but again, I have less time for that these days it seems).

Then work - I time my odd ciggie breaks (eeurgh, yes, she smokes! Oh shock, oh horror! Sod off) so that no-one else is there so that I can think. But that and my walks or rides from the station to wherever I'm going are taken up by thinking about practical boring stuff at the moment. Work is hectic as one of my projects hits next week (off to Prague for two and a half days, of course with no chance to really take a look around) and then I had this live SL demo last night.

Which went exceptionally well by the way! Yes! I was so impressed with myself! I love to talk, but I hadn't done any public speaking for years. To be honest, I had no idea how many people would show...15, 2o or so I thought. But no...almost 50 were there! And what should have been a 2 hour long demo and Q & A session, turned into 3 and a half. And would have been longer if we weren't chucked out! Was a lot of fun and I felt happy and confident as I was doing something that I know a lot about...very calm.

And I got paid for it at the end. Wonderful stuff.

But all this means that I haven't had time to ponder recently. Let alone keep up-to-date with my friends. And without these two things, I have less to write about.

But hopefully more after next week.

This week...gorgeous weather here in Berlin. We have a Bank Holiday on Thursday and of course its scheduled to rain. No big matter however as I'll most likely have to work anyways.

Tomorrow night will be interesting where I live. I'm 1 block away from a very well-loved square which gets used a lot by drunken teenies from outside of Berlin who come and practise missile-throwing at the Police. Always a riot...in that exact sense! To be fair, its been improving each year. But either way, if you're a local, you make sure that you're home and tucked up in your flat by 21:00 and that you don't need to leave.

And you don't leave your car parked outside. Its likely to be a burnt wreck the next morning.

Its a shame that the real 1st May demos have disintegrated into a mindless drunken shambles with people who have no idea what its all about.

Never mind, I live on the 3rd floor...and get a great view of the 100os of riot-clad police and their helicopters.

And its something to do if SL goes down too.

*starts to gather a pile of cobble stones and places them in a neat heap on her windowsill.

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