Monday, 7 April 2008

Drama Queen Alert

So the main reason for staying up way too late (again *sighs) was that I wanted to post this...

The Boss and I were chatting this evening. It is now agreed between us that a). I am a pain in the arse (which we all knew) and b). He can also be a difficult bugger and a pain too.

For the sake of our fledgling relationship, and he being the Master part of it all, it's been agreed that I am the lil pain in the arse and he's the big pain in the arse.

How can I but agree? S'true. *shrugs

And I DO try, at least now and again to not argue with him (*nominates herself for Subbie of the Year 2008).

(As an aside, a friend of mine emailed me and wanted more personal stuff on the blog...dunno if he quite meant in this direction though.)

An example of this: my adored Boss has been very good to lil Popette. There was a little *situation* earlier and the first thing that I did was shoot off an email to him, saying that I wanted to speak to him. It wasn't a soft, tender, cutsie email, no no no. It was...well....ok, it was worded quite strongly.

*sighs and holds her hand up, "My name is Poppy and I am a Drama Queen"

Well...basically I thought that he had lied about something. Turns out that he hadn't.


No, he didn't lie. But, he WAS a prat of the highest order.

Which can happen to us all. *looks out of the screen at you. Yes, you too. We all do something idiotic at time.


1). The Boss and I are both right royal pains in the arse, though he more than I (hehehe).
2). I'm a drama queen and am learning to listen and THEN react.
3). Masters are truly masterful when they can apologise (because yes, they can get it wrong).
4). Being submissive NEVER means rolling over and accepting every bit of crap thrown your way (keep them on their damned toes!).
5). The leash truly does tie at both ends, equally
6). Making up is great.

And something else? When I jokingly asked The Boss why the hell he puts up with me...he said the sweetest things.

One of which was about all the many and different facets to me.

None of this is about seeing the other in the perfect (Wind)light.

Its about the other being human. Both. The one who messed something up. The one who over-reacted. About communicating and listening (*repeats that word 100 times).

And I guess..for me the hardest thing ever...trusting in the trust.

And then letting it go.

So...The Boss got to know a tiny aspect of a new side to my character: the hissing, spitting, furious harpy.

Another friend made a comment to me today:"Its all about the beast that you feed".

This one doesn't need feeding. But it IS maybe good that she saw the light of day. So that both The Boss and I saw her and could decide that we really don't want that beast to come knocking at the door of our relationship all that often. There are other hungry beasts who are better served when they're not hungry and are well-fed. Isn't that right my darling Master? ;P
*smiles at her Master very sweetly and innocently, bats her eyelashes and pouts seductively at him...because we wouldn't Popette's hand to slip and do any long-term damage whilst doing that really yummy thing that drives you crazy, would we?
No, I didn't think so.



Alejandro Ferraris said...

This comment is for you, popette, and for all the readers.
Because they don't know why you write these things, while I do. So it's time that I share the reson with all of them.
My popette writes this things because she really likes to have her little arse (arse, not ass) spanked hard; she adores that I smack her buttocks until they burn.
This is the real and sole reason.

The answer to your question (in email): yes, you are getting worse, little wench...

Anonymous said...

Hi Poppy

Good read. Methinks it should be mandatory reading for those folks who see master/sub (and, ahem, mistress/sub of course....Hi Half...smiles) as a fixed relationship. There are plenty of ways to skin a cat (sorry nekos, no offence)and each couple is different. You need to test the limits and ,if it is to work, reach a compromise, not just what the Boss wants...

Poppy said...


And there was I, thinking that a public apology from my side would be taken in good spirit. :(

But I will be online, as I can hear the chuckle from here!

But I shall not be doing anything other than sitting! You are not going to get your hands on this one's backside!

(still hurts from last night ;P)

And in answer to your comment that I'm getting worse, some would argue that my behaviour is a direct result of my Boss and how he encourages me to be.

I, of course, would never suggest that this is the case.

*blows you a cute, sweet kiss...

...and wriggles her backside at you suggestively, grinning over her shoulder as she skips off

Poppy said...

Hey Banj :)

Nice to see you lurking around my blog - when we both should be working ;)

I couldn't agree more with you. And that's why I always say that I'm lucky with The Boss. Nothing is static and what works (or not, as the case may be) for us, may not necessarily work for others.

And even then, actually finding out what works or not can be damned hard work at times. And in that case, The Boss is a total star. I always have time and space to think about things that I'm not sure about and he never forces anything (unless I've asked nicely first ;P).

Hmmm...I think that I'll write more on this topic as a post.

I will say this though as a reply to you Banj and expand on it later - I never fail to be touched and amazed by how much work The Boss puts into making me happy. And for the time spent if there has been a hiccup.

I'll wite about this, I think.

Until then...I have some work (??) to do it seems. *sighs