Thursday, 24 April 2008

I WILL be back!

I haven't lost interest in writing, nor have I disappeared. I just have a lot going on this week again and so its hard to find the time to sit and write something half way interesting.

Maybe I'll have a little time tomorrow evening to post a little of what I'm up to, but I'll be back at the weekend or else at the start of next week at the latest - promise! Don't give up checking my blog for any more random wafflings and opinions. Please!

As a little taster - I'm busy working on a presentation at the mo...on SL!!! LOL!

And I'm getting paid for it!

LMAO!, sorting the madness that will be my presentation out and grabbing the tiniest amount of time here and there with The Boss (who has been madly busy working) whilst swapping a few very short IMs with friends...its all adding up to not having any time to write. Oh God, and I have a few emails in my inbox which I REALLY have to answer too! One of them in 4 weeks old and I have to reply!

So much to do and so little time!

Don't give up on me though...please!

*blows kisses all round

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