Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Tuesday Blues

I'm not a big fan of Tuesdays. Last weekend is a fast fading memory and the coming weekend is bloody miles away. The only thing of any use to a Tuesday is the fact that it means that Monday is done with.


I'm known at work for being the chirpy one on the balcony for a quick ciggie at 10:20am on a Monday morning (bearing in mind that I generally start work at 10:00 on Mondays coz my duvet just will not let me go) who tells everyone that its nearly the weekend.

Really, I can make myself feel that way and I try to pass this happy feeling to my depressed Monday weary colleagues.

Its easy, it just takes a bit of imagination - Monday at about 13:00 is the best time to do this actually. The fact that Monday morning is officially out of the way and its nearly Wednesday. Well, this time tomorrow Tuesday is nearly gone and as such its nearly Wednesday. See...easy! If you can imagine that its virtually Wednesday, then my god...Friday is only a tiny step away really. I imagine that lovely feeling on a Wednesday evening when you know that you only have one full day until the start of the weekend. Coz Fridays don't really count as you start the weekend on that day.

To encourage this bit of delusional thinking, the Germans sometimes "celebrate" what's known as Bergfest (Mountain Party - the top of the "mountain" being the middle of the week...geddit?). On a Wednesday evening you go down the pub and celebrate that you've gotten through half the week. According to my thinking, Wednesday evening is more than half a week - even more reason to celebrate! Failing everything else, you at least have a monster hang over to cover the feeling of having to work. Civilised these Germans, love it!

They even have a saying: "Ab eins, macht jeder seins". This is based on the older bureaucratic jobs where you left the office at 13:00 on a Friday. I'm still working on this. It would help my imagination that little bit more. The boss (notice the lack of capital letter...talking about the work boss not The Boss) isn't keen, although I have put together an action plan which would explain the huge benefits involved in such a motivational management decision. I just gotta work out the right time to present it to him.

I think that the real reason I'm feeling miffed...I'm missing The Boss (not the work one..I see him every day). I'm ok..I know that he's coming back and the poor man - poppy must be exhausting at times (see above for example of popette's crazy head). No...I'm not feeling bad at all, but I still miss him. Its a positive thing, not a negative. My flatmate has (thankfully) buggered off for 10 days and I think that I'm a little melancholy. Maybe that's the wrong word as I don't want you to get the idea that I'm feeling down or depressed as I'm not. Maybe I'm a little introspective. I'm very much enjoying spending time on my own, but I've actually noticed a slight physical ache when I think of The Boss, a certain restlessness.


Its located someone in the vicinity of my breastbone. How bizarre. lol

Mind you, with my imagination maybe its just all in my head. Who knows?

The Boss should be back over the weekend, but then jets off for a few days for work. So its a little hard to know in which direction I have to aim my delusions in - towards Sat / Sun or towards next Weds/Thurs??? - as we're not quite sure when he can manage to get online.

Its damned hard on the brain, being me, you know!

Keeps me occupied though - having to decide that today being Tuesday evening actually means that its virtually the weekend, or that today being Tuesday means that its almost the same time next week and only one more day to go.

I dread to ask this question as I'm seriously scared about the lack of reply (although the pharmaceutical industry will be happy to have confirmation that I'm mad)...but does anyone else think like this? Not necessarily in this example (although anyone prepared to put their hands up and be counted - I shall love you for life), but generally...this weird constant conversation with oneself on the most bizarre topics.....?

I'm not yet sure if I should have the grace to be embarrassed for telling you all this or not.

I shall discuss it with myself and let you know what conclusion we come to.

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