Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Sneaks back into the office...

...and switches on the pooter again.

Yes, ok, most of you know full well that I've been back for almost a week already and that I'm just a lazy bugger.

Well....ok, I need to pull my finger out of my arse (UK saying for those wondering!) and get blogging again.

Will do, promise!

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Banjac Serevi said...

“Finger in arse”

Derived from a phrase in A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare.

The character known as Bottom has an encounter with a person of dubious reputation involving a degree of fingering while he is asleep. He is woken by a passerby calling out “remove your finger from that Bottom” (hilarious double-meaning). This evolves over time into the coarse “pull your finger out of your arse” to encourage people to be more active and to ensure their sphincters are not gripping any surplus digits that happen to be in the vicinity.