Monday, 25 August 2008

Tasers, duct tape and cuffs - available in RL for the ultimate kick!

Apologies for all (2 of) my regular readers who have already had this link sent to them (by me whilst laughing my arse off), but I think that this needs to be shared:

A warning - if you're going to meet some loon from SL in RL, then make sure that you don't own any doggies!

I'm sorry, maybe I shouldn't laugh as I can imagine that it must be terrible to be stalked...but really, this woman is a freaking nutcase!! (And please please please watch the little TV report...coz when you see that picture of the woman in RL....oh good Lord! Poppy is no work of art in rl, but....)

Anyone want to start a proper discussion on the benefits and pitfalls of meeting in RL, let me know. Otherwise enjoy the chuckle.

Hmmm..maybe I should write a little about that...

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