Sunday, 24 August 2008

Lulu Cuffs and gags

Ok I've plugged the Real Restraints and now I want to tell you about my personal favourite in terms of cuffs and gags.

Again...I'm not a click and sit back and watch kinda gal, but I do enjoy the added "reality" given by some of the toys in sl.

Restraints can give the added visual effect, but only a few actually do what restraints would do in rl - restrict.

The most intuitive cuffs that I've ever found are from Lulu.

They are NOT cheap, I warn you now. But you get free updates for life when you buy them and they are THE cleverest that I've found.

Set-up is complicated the first time that you do it, but the instructions are very clear and once you've gotten the idea, then any updates etc are then easy. Initial set up took me about half an hour I must admit and I would advise being somewhere with no lag and that you just take your time.

The huge benefit of these is that there is no scramble in your inv to attach cuffs or a gag. No no, once its all set up and you have the hud on, then your owner can attach or detach whenever they feel like it. The system is also great in that once you have re-sized and saved positions, then the system doesn't forget..even when you update and have to get a new hud - you can transfer all your stats (transferring - concentrate a lot, coz its confusing as hell the first time that you have to do it!).

The poses and the movements are elegant and realistic for those of you who need that visual kick (and lets face it, sl should be pretty!), and the head factor is great when the cuffs are used.

As far as I'm aware the gags have full RestrainedLife compatibility although I haven't played with the cuffs and RL so I'm not sure about them.

I've spent about 5000L$ on my Lulu gear (2 gags and the cuff set with thigh and arm plugins), but you can get the basic set for cheaper and I just added to it as and when I could.

They're compatible with most of the popular restraint systems too, so no need to have to renew anything else.

Very highly recommended!

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