Saturday, 23 August 2008

And now for the 16:00 round up of this week's events

So I thought that I should do a general round up kind of thing before I get stuck back in.

Today the weather has been crappy and autumnal so I've been busy cleaning and airing the house and doing the washing and stuff. The event season starts back up for me in a few weeks and so time to get everything in order again I guess. But now the flat is sparkling and I have my snuggle rug out ready for the shitty weather with a cup of tea next to me.

I actually quite like Autumn, fav time of year. I love wet and windy Sunday afternoons curled up on the sofa or bed with a pot of tea and a good book or black and white film.

Anyway, I digress (like that never normally happens!)...

I got back from holiday and went back to work. That's it really! lol How depressing, I know. I'm currently convinced that the rest of my life will consist of: work, weekend, work, weekend, work, weekend for an unknown amount of time until death. Happy thoughts eh?

Tan is fading and I've finally unpacked and now it looks and feels as if I was never away.

Pah! Having a tan is great and I'm going to do the unthinkable and go and lay my white arse on a sunbed a few times a month I think. Especially with winter coming up. Don't want to look like a tangerine or anything, but I do look and feel better with a hint of colour.

Other than that...hmmm...well, I've been spending a lot of time with The Boss and its been fabulous. Yes, he's still kicking around and hasn't rolled his eyes so much at me that he's thrown his hands up and run off. 7 months now....I'm beginning to wonder if he is maybe a bit of a masochist.

After I got my half a sim, I managed to finally convince him that his plot on the mainland was ugly, crowded and shite and that he should get in touch with Joshua Sao and see if he had anything. Josh is great - he had nothing so what does he do? Buys a new sim. lolol Thankfully the other two 1/4 plots went quickly.

It seems that the neighbours keep themselves to themselves and I think that they're on another time zone which is always nice. One has done a nice job on his island, but the other one...oh dear. She's gone and dumped a fugly black cube store on it. I am not a happy bunny! Josh has a policy that his sims have no covenant which is fair enough, especially when it comes to things like taste (or not, as is the case with "her"). But I am a little miffed that commercial stuff can go up like that. Hahaha...and its not even my land, but I spend enough time there for it to irritate me.

I'd be happy if she moved the black box thing up into the sky, but it still remains to be seen if she's actually a decent enough skin maker or photographer to generate any customers. If it gets laggy, then Josh will step in apparently.

I AM very tempted though - I have these huge ghost prims...the actual prim is on your land, but the ghost part can be rotated (normally) to make your sim look bigger as it expands out. I am kinda guessing that if I put on or two on the edge of the island there, that they might just possibly, perhaps be more than highly visible and present on her bit. *giggles evilly.

We shall see...I'm gonna go down the mediation route first, but after that, well...what's a girl to do other than use a visual blocking method?? And if said method happens to be soooo big that it impacts her sim..well...I'm sorry, I'm thick...I have no idea how that could happen!

Thank god I don't have these issues with my neighbours!

I know, I know...The Boss is more than capable of doing this himself, but he's buggered off on holiday. Bastard. lol Well deserved so I shall stop sulking.

Speaking of The Boss and his island..he built a house on it. From scratch. And it looks bloody good! A bit low on furniture at the moment, but its getting there and lil ol popette feels mighty good there. Thankfully he knows well enough to make use of my talent for shopping and rezzing and I've been allowed to make it a little cozy.

Well...I have a few more bits to blog about and shall in due course, but the washing is done and I need to practise my house-wifely skills (who for, I have no idea) and hang it all up.

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