Sunday, 3 August 2008

Out of Office Reply

Thanks for poking your nose in my (not very up-to-date-currently) blog.

I am out of the office and will unfortunately be returning on Wednesday 13th August, at which point I will most likely be upset that I'm still not sunning myself with a g & t with ice and a slice in my hand on a beach in Spain.

I will have no access to my emails, let alone sl and have packed the tablets, yes. We are expecting the shakes and itchy fingers to start somewhere above the south of France at which point air control will warn all other aircraft in the vicinity of possible turbulence.

Should you have any emergencies in this time, then please contact with The Boss (details in my profile) or Half Short and they know how to reach me.

Not knowing where the staples are kept; a paper jam in the photocopier; sl swallowing your expensive sex toys; sl relationships breaking up or starting; needing me to book your hotel room (unless you are contact person no.1) etc etc blah blah, do NOT constitute emergencies.

I wish you all a sunny and lag-free 10 days as that's what I'll be having - with a sun tan and lots of yummy food and drink.

Kisses and be well,


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