Friday, 1 August 2008

Its bloody typical!

So, today is the first day of my well-earned holiday. This is good. :)) On Monday I fly off to Barcelona to go and meet friends who have rented a villa just south of the French border and I can't bloody wait!

But typically, I have spent the day in bed virtually dying of bloody hay fever! An awful start to the holiday with a streaming nose, coughing, headache itchy eyes and horrific sneezing. And it is soooo hot here too!

I've just woken up and stuffed myself full of medicine and am hoping the the rain that we had whilst I was dozing will help too. Either way as soon as I get to Barcelona, it will be much better on the coast, but I really can't be bothered with suffering beforehand! And I'm wary of the tingling at the top of my chest. An infection perfectly timed for my 10 days in the sun is not what I want to be taking with me!

Funnily enough, I was actually due a guest yesterday and today and good how things worked out and they didn't manage to come as a Poppy with a seriously snotty nose and groaning in pain and annoyance isn't particularly all that sexy. Although I guess that there are some who like that... I, on the other hand, prefer to roll around on my bed full of self-pity, looking a mess all on my own. I certainly don't need an audience when I'm feeling poorly.

The other really shitty thing about feeling icky is that you can't read for very long, or go onto sl for very long either. And so you end up watching daytime tv and feeling even more depressed. I love these talk shows though....and people think that sl is freaky!!! Hahaha....the people who go on these shows and air their dirty washing in public - now that's fucked up.

So now the debate is on as to whether or not I can be bothered to get dressed and go out to get some food and also how many tablets I can take to make sure that I feel better so that I can go and work my way along the "beer mile" tomorrow afternoon.

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