Sunday, 24 August 2008

RestrainedLife Viewer

You may have already have heard of Marine Kelley and her Real Restraint products and her sideline of developing an alternative / add-on sl viewer. But for those of you who haven't I wanted to let you all know about it.

Marine develops, makes and sells a whole series of very clever and deliciously naughty restraints for sl. I myself only have the shibari sets and not the others, but I've spoken to a few people and oh my....

What I really wanted to tell you about though is her RestrainedLife Viewer.

I have absolutely no idea as to the technical bits and how it works, all I know is that it works.

The RLViewer is downloaded (for more specific details and to get to the site where you can download, click here) and then you need to unpack the .zip file and shove the lot into your normal SL file.

From there I got another desktop icon and so I now have the normal sl and the RL viewer.

So what does it actually do?

Well, its only of use to anyone who wants that added spice to sl. In a D/s relationship within sl it can lend that extra bit of "reality", especially for people like me who "feel" sl.

If the subbie has this viewer then it allows his or her dom/me to have an added element of control. You can basically control almost every element - IMs, chat, teleporting, access to map, inv and so on and so forth.

Obviously...choose extremely carefully if you are interested in this and then with whom you would play with!

For my part, The Boss and I had spoken about it in the past and I was less than enthusiastic. I have no interest in an sl where my chat and IMs have been banned and where I can't tp. For me its fairly pointless and I would just turn off my pooter and go watch paint dry, it would be more interesting. However, I can understand the need that some have for a high level of control and to be isolated at times and in certain situations. Its just not for me. Thankfully, its also not something that The Boss is interested in either.

My experience with it so far (I heard about it months ago, but only downloaded it last week) is that it seems fairly simple to set up. I have an Amethyst collar and got the plug in for it and all the commands go through that.

And the rest? Well, The Boss and I wanted it for only a few reasons. One...a bit of uncertainty on my part really...we've spoken a lot about what would be acceptable and what not, but I still have to trust him not to block my IMs and then sod off (should that ever happen then you could sign out and then sign in with the normal viewer and things would work as normal, which isn't the point of course, but there IS a way out). I believe so firmly that he would never risk anything with me to play silly buggers, so I'm fine with it, but I still get that nice little nervous feeling.

The main reason though....he can dress or undress me! Hehehehe..he has no interest in using his popette as a barbie doll so the main reason is the second reason. You can buy scripts which you add to prim clothing so another can take them off, but its limited only to prims and permission is always asked. Through a (fairly complex) system of changing some of your inv (detailed instructions on Marine's blog) so that items that you choose are "shared", the other person (not everyone) can then peel off that sexy top or jacket that you have on.

You can also lock on items, but that's not all that interesting for me either, but there's a huge amount of stuff that you can do with it.

I have to admit that we did try out the IM ban. I have a gag which would normally only ever stop chat and you can work around it normally through emoting (/me). We use this frequently as a giggle whilst out and about at Roissy or such and The Boss and I are normally chuckling away over skype at the same time. So poppy is less than "gagged". Personally I think that The Boss would die of boredom if I were gagged for any amount of time. However, now and again...rarely, but still...a gag should do what it is meant to. We tried it out in conjunction with the viewer and stopped all chat and all IM. God it was frustrating!!! Hated it and felt very isolated. Thankfully it was a test just to try out how everything worked. What I did love though is that The Boss could set that I could IM him. In certain situations I can see the benefits of this - it made me feel quite peaceful actually. I could "whisper" away in his ear, but there was no pressure on me to have to talk to anyone else. Nice.

Everyone uses sl in a slightly different way and that again depends on the person opposite you. I'm not a huge fan of things like Xcite and jumping on poseballs and sitting back and watching a bit of pixel porn. So most toys are fairly silly to my eyes. At most they're are props to help with the exchange of feeling. But this viewer is maybe one little prop which is quite powerful.

I guess that the viewer is certainly not for everyone. And like I said before I would be wary of who I used it with and what was acceptable and what isn't. The Boss and I have been with one another for 7 months and so...What you actually end up doing with it and how, is left only to your imagination and that of your partner.

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