Sunday, 29 June 2008

Germany Lost :((((((((((

Well, Germany lost to Spain.

I've already had 20,000 "congratulatory" emails, but that serves me right for having such a big mouth and I can live with it.


And Lehmann (our goal keeper) if I ever saw a reason for collar and leashes in real life, this is one classic example. A goal me these two words mean that you keep your goddamned arse in the general vicinity of the fekking goal!!!!! The poor man is going to be slaughtered in the gutter press tomorrow. But hey..he gets paid enough and he was...scuse me French...he was a twat.

Shoulda attached his left ankle to the goddamn goal post. For some reason he seems to have thought that he was playing midfield or something. Idiot.

So, I'm retracting my application for joint German citizenship and will dust off my England t-shirt and flag for in 2 year's time.

Although Germany....3 (place in the World Cup), 2 (place in the European Cup)......1??? World Cup 2010!!!!

God...where will we all be then?

One thing that touched me though as I was busy teaching the Germans useful English swear of my close friends and I chatted at half time....

Happiness is not constant. It happens in a blink of an eye. It doesn't continue blindly on a continuous basis throughout our lives. It happens in abstract moments.

So true.

In knowing this, we hopefully learn to appreciate the joy. Unfortunately it doesn't take away from the pain; but it gives understanding and reason to the pain. One does not negate the other; my joy does not become less because of hurt.

I hope to have this joy again. I hope that I don't have to wait 2 years. The pain will always be a part of it. And the pain could be a 1000 times worse; the joy always, always shines through brighter. I DO want the high again. The cost of this pain will never ever be high enough. The price is worth paying. I don't expect...I just quietly hope.

And the next match is in November...England vs Germany in the Berlin Olympia Stadium in November. I shall be there.

And either way, I get an "erfolgserlebnis". Rock on!!!


Banjac Serevi said...

Hi Pops
I did tell Half to take it easy on you. Sending 20,000 emails is a bit vicious even by her standards. Oh well, these Dutch folk....
I have to say that I quite enjoyed the competition being able to relax and not endure the usual stuttering failure of England. The extent of failure being matched only by the absurd optimism in the press as jingoism takes over.
Overall the "best" team won and certainly it was a score on the door for attractive, skilful football. Some great touches and passing. And so much easier on the eye when you don't really care. How many more Engish would have had cardiac arrests if we had been there?
Your assessment of Lehman as a twat is spot on, a fact that he proves regularly when playing for L'Arse.
England U19's play in their version of the competition in July somewhere with town names that must mean Transylvania or close by. Two West Ham players should be regulars so I will be glued to the screen for the one group match on TV then the semis and final. These junior level games can often be far more entertaining without prima donnas and just a good bit of testosterone-fuelled spite!
And the sooner bloody Wimbledon finishes the better.
Better do some work....yuck...

Anonymous said...

Sweet Banj,

I am innocent till proven guilty.
I hope you will prove soon i am not that innocent... even though i didn't send Pops the 20,000 emails. The Dutch server only let me send her 29, simply cos i had send you about 49,971 emails prior to that.

*Kisses Banj*

Half Short

Poppy said...

Some idiot tried to post a comment complaining (seriously, I should add) that I'm an idiot to get so emotionally involved in the footie.


Before you comment, maybe you should read my other posts and you will see the glaringly obvious - that I have a tendancy to sandwich my inner thoughts between mundane happenings.

And you should also realise that I have control over which comments I allow. And which I don't.

*smiles sweetly

But thanks for for your (totally and utterly worthless) input.

Alejandro Ferraris said...

How lovely my handful is.
I like so much her reactions, calling idiot an innocent blog reader who dropped by accident on her comments...more opportunities to smack her arse, I would say.
Anyway I should say that the best team, playing the best football, wearing the best t-shirts, with the best haircuts and, of course, eating the best food - which, most probably, is the only true thing in this short list - was Italy.
Unfortunately an international conspiracy caused italian team elimination. I don't see other reasons for their early departure from Vienna (or Zurich.

(An unlikely football expert)

Poppy said...

I have to admit that when I was in Italy I ate very good food, yes, but I wasn't aware of any great footwork.

The haircuts were hit and miss and the men (or rather some of them) looked better with their shirts (and ties) off.

Although I dd want to check if anyone else noticed how damned short the Italians are??? My lordie, you could almost pat them on the head they're that short!

Of course I am talking about the footballers. Don't know any other Italians so close-up.