Sunday, 8 June 2008


Woohoooo! Yaayyhhhhhaaaaaaayyy!

For those of you poor unfortunate people who don't live in Europe, you might not be aware of the national importance of the next 4 weeks...

The European Cup.

Sadly, the English were too sodding stupid to qualify (oh the shame of it!) and so I am now 100% behind Germany...and they won their first game!!


2:0 against Poland.


The World Cup should have been ours, but the time is near!

And thank god I actually did listen to my friend Vince and put money on Podolski to be the person to score the most goals of the tournament! He got both. If Germany wins and he gets the most goals too...then lil popette stands to win a mini fortune!

Poor guy though. Can't have been too easy as he was actually born in Poland.

And tomorrow Italy vs. Holland. A hard one for me. The Boss is Italian and the Germans traditionally hate the Dutch when it comes to footie, so I should be in blue. Then again, Germany has never beaten the Italians and I want them out of the way so that we can pick up the cup in peace and quiet.



Anonymous said...

Dear, Sweet, Lovely Poppy,

Will you never ever, not even in the most implausible way, give my Banj a German shirt again!

I almost divorced him on the spot! But he could make up for it, lucky sod.

Next time if you want to be my sweet 'lil friend again, then at least support Holland when they play against Italy.
No matter what any Master, friend, lover, partner of any other person says, you will support the only country that is the rightful winner of this European Cup. Or at least the one that will beat Germany.


*sits and sulks*
*thinks people might think she actually watches the match*
*doesn't give a shit, as long as Holland wins*

Kiss Half Short

Poppy said...

Oi! You miserable thing you! I even went so far as to get you a bloody Holland (*spits on the floor) shirt!!!

Don't make me support Italy tonight purely to spite you!

Hope that the match goes out 0:0 - so there!

And I shall be stood in Bound whilst watching the match sending you annoying and rude IMs and generally being a pest - more so than normal. Hehehe

Auf Wiedersehen Holland!
Auf Wiedersehen Italian!

Deutschland ├╝ber alles!

Anonymous said...

put a sock in it!


Banjac Serevi said...

Catfight looms. 3:0 to the Dutch in clogs against the Italians in Gucci's.
Odds on Holland/Germany in semis or final?
Think you two should mudwrestle as a warm-up to the real thing.
Thongs in team colours allowed.
I'd buy a ticket.....grins - but spoils the effect by dribbling slightly....

Poppy said...

*jumps up and down, chanting the German victory song (HAVE to find out what that is actually) and waving her red, black and gold flag

The Germans missed out on the World Cup coz of the Italians and so there was a teeny weeny tiny teeny touch of Schadenfreunde that the LOST 3:0.

* was a little pathetic.

*shuts up and runs off away from The Boss' hand

As for the rest...we shall see Ms Short, we shall see

Poldi Forever!!!!

Anonymous said...

We wont have to see, miss Poppy!

I already know the Germans are crap... even if they win the EuroMeister, then it still should have been ours.


Banjac Serevi said...


Steady ladies...

Female footie hooligans....

Of course us English would never get into any trouble at football games. If we ever get to any more! Humph.
Goes green with envy. I blame the EU.
And the fact our players are clueless and live a life of spoilt luxury....grrr....getting all stressed now...some of my customers are gonna suffer today...pain must be inflicted...

Anonymous said...

Sweet Banj

I agree, i don't think we will ever see any English hooligans again, you wont play at another EC or WC anymore cos the Dutch will kick your UK arse.

*feels she is getting in touch with another side of herself she has never seen before*

*gets scared after that realisation*

*finds a thong in UK colours to give to Banj so he can mud wrestle with his clientele....*

Your Half Short.