Saturday, 21 June 2008


Bloody hell, I've been away for ages!

Work has settled down to the normal hum drum and so that little drama is out of the way, thank God. And thanks to those of you who were sweet and patient and all smoochie whilst I was teetering on the brink of a meltdown.

Footie is mainly the thing which is taking up most of my time at the moment. Bloody hell, but Germany actually pulled their fingers out of their backsides and are in the semi finals! Woohoo!

I always go to my local and we sit outside watching it on the big screen; great atmosphere although you have to fight to get your beer order taken. The last match was cute coz it started to absolutely piss it down. Of course, we were dry and under an umbrella (I work in orga, of course we were dry!), but the rest stayed too. The only downer was the woman who was sat next to me...she was there with her boyfriend, they were both a little older and she was fucking irritating as hell with her simpering I-have-no-clue-and-am going-to-ask-you-to-explain-everything-every-five-seconds fake female helplessness. Women like that are an embarrassment to the female half of the species. Stay at fucking home, or shut the hell up!!

Next week's semi final will be interesting as Germany will be playing Turkey. They managed to get through, literally in the last minute and will face Germany on Wednesday. For those who don't know, Turkish people are the biggest nationality in Germany outside of the Germans themselves (obviously), so the mood will be very interesting to see. Not that the Germans will lose, but still.

Half...I'm positive - Netherlands vs Germany for the final. Oh lord - hehehehe!

Other than that, life is feeling really good at the moment. I now have a week off work and am hoping that it will be enough to help my shoulders get down to their normal place and further away from being hunched up by my ears through stress.

The highlight of my holiday (*crosses her fingers and toes) will be Venice. A short notice, surprise trip and I cannot wait. Only for 48 hours, but ooohhhh am I excited!?! Details? Nah, bugger off...some things are private. But I shall just say, I shall let you know on my return if it really is the most romantic city in the world or not.



Alejandro Ferraris said...

well, I have to take my pen and, again, pinpoint something here...
first: final between holland and germany? did I authorize that? you will get a first spanking for this popette...
second: are you going to Venice??? and I have to learn it in this way????

Poppy said...

Opps, sorry!

Well, Holland vs Germany doesn't seem to be written in the stars (HAHAHA Half!!!), and we shall see if Italy get the opportunity to play Germany or not tonight.

And Venice....ummmm....well, ummmm....

I shall send you pictures maybe? And I shall tell you all about it Master ;P

Anonymous said...

Enjoy Venice hun!

I ll sulk about Holland losing!

Half Short.