Monday, 9 June 2008

Attention! Attention!

I hear that there are some lucky bastards out there who can get onto SL at work, but if you're like me and have a boss who unreasonably expects you to work for your salary, I have just the thing...

Its summer and the beer gardens are thriving, football fever is taking over the continent (mainland as, and yes I repeat, the English FAILED to qualify) and we all feel guilty for not being out and about and living this thing which is rl.

And so, we all suffer from itchy fingers - who's doing what in SL?

Well, yes there's the web application, but a wonderful little company in the US is on beta testing for....

...SL on your MOBILE PHONE!!!!!

It had to happen, but OMFG!!

*feels faint at the possibilities...and the mobile internet phone bill.

Well, here the link boys and girls:

See, Auntie Poppy has her uses!

Some very interesting YouTube links on the site too and the first month of testing seems to going really well. Beta is still free, but I can't quite work out yet if its only in the US.

Either way...join, get a flat rate for your mobile sorted and enjoy the Summer!

Now, sorry...gotta dash. Italy is playing Holland and 6 minutes have been played already and I need to concentrate to that I can shout at the TV.

My hope and prediction - 0:0

God I hope that neither of them score or qualify out of the Group stage!

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