Saturday, 5 July 2008

You've got to love SL at times.

I moved in: my last plot was lovely but it was in the middle of a sim and it wasn't green land which I actually wanted. So to give myself something to do I searched for and found a gorgeous corner plot of green land. Added to which the sim doesn't have any others attached so I have two sides of uninterrupted water view, one side is still empty and only one side with a neighbour with different taste to me - I'm busy building / terraforming to "hide" his house a little.

So a pleasant few hours spent pottering about and learning how to terraform and I now have a river (which isn't square anymore) and two ponds. I even have something which vaguely resembles a ridge and a hill. Poppy is proud of herself. Hardly going to open a business in terraforming now, but for my little slice of sl, I am gooood!

I had already emptied half of my inv onto the land and thought that I would tp up to my house to move stuff to where I wanted to actually have it (you just can't find good old fashioned movers these days it seems - they don't even pack your things properly) and saw this:


I knew that the economy was bad at the moment, but...where's my fekking house???


Banjac Serevi said...


I cannot tell a lie, or even lie by omission. This grieves me terribly.

Half took it.......

Checks passport and heads for airport....


Poppy said...

Thanks for the tip-off Banj...I always thought that it was the Poles who you couldn't trust to not take anything which isn't nailed I know that its the Dutch that one has to be wary of.

*shakes her head sadly

Anonymous said...

*Missed this utterly grieving comment before*

*Cries softly*

*Pushes the walls of Pops house deeper in her pocket and looks very innocent*

*Us Dutch never take anything that doesnt belong to us*

*These walls were Dutch all along, you Germans just took it long time ago... i am merely taking back what is rightfully mine*

*Dies laughing as she sees Banj head for the airport*

Half Short of a thief