Thursday, 3 July 2008

Send a SMS for free from SL

Oooh...Auntie Poppy is good to you all!

Whilst I was busy working today (*chokes) I was surfing the web a little - purely for rl research purposes of course - and stumbled completely coincidentally an article which told about rl / sl collaborations.

Swisscom is involved in a project with some others and as part of the promo have organised some kind of freaky system which allows you to send a SMS from inside SL!

They're giving away 50,000 for free. No idea how many are left open, am going to try myself in a minute.

Here are the instructions:

Simply go to the telephone booth and type: /8 followed by the mobile phone number of your friend and then the message. Example:/8 0015551234567 Hi Joe! I'm in SL. Join me! Bob
Don't forget your country code (001 for US, 0041 for Switzerland etc).

Another thing that they do is that you can buy your loved one a bunch of flowers in sl (they have a few different ideas in their gift shop). Give them to her and then she can access the website and put in her rl address and then will receive it in rl too! How fekking cool is that??? And no need to worry about privacy if you're concerned about sharing your details.

I was so impressed at the idea.

Of course, the prices are not quite what you're used to in SL.

Check the site for a slur or search in sl for "Starfruit" (the phone booth is on the east of the island)...or IM me in-world for a LM.

Happy sms sending ;)

(Fuck really works!!!)

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