Wednesday, 9 July 2008

It seems that there's hope for us all yet...

In an absolutely shockingly shite bit of reporting, the BBC is today happy to announce that people over 70 are still getting laid.

You can find the full titillating bit of news here.

But this should give many (especially people like Endov and Banj) hope that they will get laid again in their lives).

But enough of being mean and oh so nasty to my maties, I really just wanted to share with you some tasty snippets from the article...which seems as if it was written by a 14 year old work experience snot I should add.

"More than two-thirds - 68% - of married men in the most recent survey said they had sex, an increase from 52%, while the percentage of married women having sex rose from 38% to 56%."

- why does no-one ask with WHOM are the 68% of married men having sex with? Now that would interest me. Coz there's a slight ummm discrepancy here somewhere if only 56% of married women are getting any. you have something to do with this??

"When sexual intercourse stopped, both men and women tended to blame men, in line with the findings from earlier surveys."

- *chuckles...some things never change, whatever age you are. But this isn't news! Its ALWAYS the man's fault. Headache anyone?

"She said: "We still have this stereotype of elderly people with their bath chairs and canes, staggering around, who couldn't possibly be having sex""

- and some think that bdsm is kinky. Oooh the mental images here....*slaps her forehead in distress

But boys, the good news is:

"a report by Finnish researchers says older men who have more sex will experience fewer erection problems".


Banjac Serevi said...

Looks up telephone number of his libel lawyer.....whilst harumphing loudly...
Hope for me yet eh? Roars with laughter...where did I put those blue pills...damn memory is going again....well, I think it is, I cannot remember....errrr...what colour were those pills again...aspirin was it??
Actually 68% and 56% is closer than I would have guessed. But what you did not comment on was how often or how recently. If 68% of the men are having it weekly but 56% of the women are having it monthly then you really do have a huge gap. And speaking of huge gaps - the reference to Half was cheeky and I must leap to her defence. (before she hits me for not doing so....)
Not sure about the bathchair but the cane can be made to work very well!!!

Certified Saga member (and chilled about it so tough shit no wind-up possible...) Volunteers to help me avoid having erection problems please form a queue to the left. No, not you Alej....ladies only....

Anonymous said...

My grandfather *the devil rests his soul* used to say to use asprin as birthcontrol pills....


Place them between your knees and make sure they wont fall to the floor... succes garuanteed!

Banj... thank you love...