Saturday, 5 July 2008

For a little bit of inspiration..

As you know, I am an ex-pat. As such I generally don't catch on to all that much of what goes on back on the island.

I was watching a film on TV this evening (sooo traditional I know) and in the ad break, T-Mobile are running an ad which shows a clip from the UK show "Britain's Got Talent" from last year. I had to google when I saw this.

Banj...sorry, this is most likely old old news, but I wanted to show the others.

There's a guy called Paul Potts who comes from Wales. He worked as a mobile phone sales man and when you see him - awful suit, hang-dog face and looking as if he's expecting someone to either insult him or hit him. Simon Cowell (on the jury) is renowned for being a git and you see the look that his colleague and he share as if to say "oh lord, this is going to be terrible".

And then the guy opens his mouth. And sings. Bloody hell does he sing.

I got shivers down my spine and I nearly cried.

Turns out that he won in the end - good on him.

And yes boys, no need to post a comment: Amanda Holden does look as if she's having an orgasm in the clip as she's listening to him.


Anonymous said...

Dear Pops,

I am NOT an expat, not even English for that matter, but even I knew about Paul Potts.

*loads his cd in the player*

*wonders how far behind in the 18th century Germany actually is*


Half Short

Poppy said...

Well dear Shortie, contrary to popular belief, google analytics tells me that I don't just write my blog for an audience of you, Banj and The Boss.

And 18th Century dearie?

CD player?

Never heard of mp3s?

*winks and blows you a kiss

Anonymous said...

MP3? I didnt want to use terms that might confuse your tender 18 century soul...


*flicks diary... thursday loony bin... check!*

Banjac Serevi said...


Glad to hear that you rate my viewing habits so highly. Britain Has Talent?? Hmmm. For the record I have never heard of Paul Potts until tonight. But I confess I do recognise the guy.
Rarely has an oompah loompah had such a wonderful voice. Triumph over adversity, loads of cliches. I wish him luck, God was not too kind to him on many measures. Being Welsh for a start....
And as for Ms Holden...she has many fine features - but that forehead. I'd be scared the sun would catch it and I would be blinded. So I had to tell her to pack her bags and go. She was shattered but it is for the best.


Poppy said...

*tries to stop laughing at the oompha lumpa reference (coz yeah...he soooo does!) and waits for Shortie's cheeky comment about Banj not having a clue who PP is....

Come on Ms Short, I'm waiting for the comeback. Its 2 vs 1 at the mo.

Less to do with being in the 18th Century and more to do with not watching normally-banal tv methinks.


Anonymous said...

*Shorty hardly ever watches tv and must admit she learned about PP through a weblink someone once send her...*

He has a great voice and for €2,- i couldnt pass the oportunity to hear him.

*Shrugs as she thinks she only listened to him once and then got tired of it already*

*Kicks herself back to the 18th century with all her cheeky remarks*

Anonymous said...


And last night i couldnt comment. I was otherwise engaged...

*winks at Banj*