Thursday, 27 March 2008

Lead "Character"

So...*waves and smiles a little shyly...hey there!

I'm Poppy.

I'm not generally known for being all that shy to be honest. But, there's a first time for everything.

What to say about myself? Sooooo much really..hahahaha! No, really. I mean, this is my blog. It's essentially THE biggest ego trip ever! Hehehehe.

Nah, you'll see, I won't just paint a picture of myself. *smiles very sweetly and cutely...I promise.

So lil Poppy...well...this will be an ongoing thing really, I guess. But Poppy was born Autumn, 2007. Let me add, that she does have a "sister" and a "brother", so she kinda had a head start when it came to SL and finding her way around.

And yes, I know that one can't admit to alts and not "defend" one's actions. More on that topic at a later date. So hush!

All in all, I've been here for over a year now. I even remember the good ol days, before Voice! *stretches her aching, weary bones.

I'm lucky; I have a great group of friends (more on them later I have to ask their permission to put them in here? Hmmm), and....well...The Boss. You'll hear a bit more about him in the coming posts too. And he has said that its ok that I write about him...bless him, for he knows not what he does in saying that! *cackles evilly.

I'm based in Europe and freely admit to being an addict. I'm very close to being in my 30s...*clings on for dear bloody life to still being in her 20s...and I do quite a bit in SL. aim: to make whoever reads this tosh, chuckle, lol and / or grin. The last person who read my profile sent me an IM...just to say thanks for a nice 5 minutes reading it. And that's all I want from this really.

To laugh and to be touched...that makes life (real, second or otherwise) what it should be. Or what I want it to be, at least.

A good argument is always fun too, so please feel free to bitch around too. ;P


Cy said...

you will always be my poprox, popnfresh, or poptart...

Poppy said...'re a sweetheart. And that you'll always be too Lovely. :) Photo coming of us here soon...:)

Anonymous said...

You never touched me :S

Well, emotionally you have so i can't complain, but I will, with sluv from your mate Endov