Thursday, 27 March 2008

Dress Rehersal

So, I'm busy fiddling with the design of this little new endeavour of mine...anything to put off actually feeling happy enough with it all to actually give out the address to anyone. Plus...I can't put it out there like this - someone might actually click on it on my profile and read it. And there's sweet FA here!

So, today I'm proud of myself - I managed to get from two columns to three and get rid of that ugly duckling navi bar at least. I now consider myself a computer nerd who can hack codes. I'm seriously considering now trying to hack into my bank account and trying something there, but....hmmm. Maybe a little more practice first.

Poppy is currently sat in her field as I write. Listening to music over SL and I keep flicking back and forth to see if The Boss is gonna be able to make it tonight. But looking at the time, its not looking very likely. One mo....*sighs...nope, still not there. Ah well. Guess no wi-fi. My god, what do people do with no Internet??? I go crazy is what I do, but there must be people out there who can cope. Do they take medication I wonder...hmmm.

Anyways, rambling for rambling's sake is silly, but I promised The Boss that he would be the first to get the address and I want to send him something to make him chuckle...and so I'll just write blah blah for the sake of it.



Edit: The Boss made it after all! I'm thrilled. Beat him soundly at Backgammon which is always nice, although dangerous for my ass. And not only that, but now that the first member of the audience has arrived, the show can begin!

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Alejandro Ferraris said...

your Boss is really proud of you, popette. And, due to the hour he is writing this, with his busy day in front of him, you can be sure he really means what he says.
kisses and bites