Monday, 12 May 2008

Where's Poppy???

Oh lordie...yes, yes...I'm a lazy bugger at the moment, I know!

Been a damned hard week and I've only just recovered enough to settle down and catch up with everything again - including the blog!

So...Prague is gorgeous, stunning architecture, miserable people - a hint of how I imagine the old east bloc was like. Stunningly intricate architecture hidden behind years of grime. People who seem to still be struggling to change their ways of thinking and behaving. Totally delicious beer and yummy food. And a damned lot of Germans there!! No wonder the Czechs are a miserable bunch! ;)

Berlin is in full summer mode. Like the rest of Europe - the weather just couldn't be better. Nearly 30 degrees at midday in the sun with a mild breeze..perfect. The leaves are finally out properly and the lilac bushes smell wonderful and the cherry blossoms look almost edible. People are out in the parks and sat at cafes on the pavement. I live in such a great part of Berlin - all this one block from where I live. People looking and acting more carefree than I've seen them for a while.

A national holiday today (like many other European countries too, other than the UK which is way too stingy with its Bank Holidays - always a good reason to move quite frankly) and so the feeling is even lighter. Carnival of Cultures yesterday - 1.3 million of us dancing and eating and drinking in the streets of south Berlin.

The European Cup (or EM as we call it here) starts so so so soon and we all can't wait! Football fever will be coming to Germany once more. It will never reach the magical, most amazing feeling that we had here for the WM (that was just a time outside of time, it was so amazing), but everyone is gearing up for it. Humiliating that the English didn't even qualify quite frankly. The stick that I had to put up with for that! But...I'm technically half German and so I can switch allegiance without feeling bad. ;P I supported both last time to be honest, but this time I can be behind Germany without feeling torn! And sorry...but the Italians did NOT deserve to win last time!

Two matches stick in my head from last time...Germany vs. lord that was exciting! The match was late afternoon and everyone was let out of work early to be able to watch. I went with friends and colleague to a big (and cool, coz it was soo hot during the WM) hall. The Palace of Tears - a hugely historical place which used to be the border crossing between east and west. 2 or 3 thousand of us watching the match there..and every goal was just edge-of the-seat excitement..and when we beat them....god almighty, the whole country erupted. When Germany was playing the whole country came to a total standstill. Cafes and bars had it playing and were packed. Whole streets of people sat watching, inside and out, no cars or people walking around. Whole streets and quarters erupting at every goal or near goal.

To see the Germans get that enthusiastic was very touching. Being so welcoming to the rest of the world, living in Berlin at the time. Seeing the stereotypes disappear, reading how even the British press had only good things to write. Being at the fan mile for every single England match and seeing the Brits behave and have a wonderful time. So many Germans there in England shirts cheering them on too. Was truly magical and wonderful.

I doubt very much that the EM will manage to hit that high point, but the flags are on sale and the weather will hopefully play along. And I shall be down the pub every game, going mad and yelling at the ref and hoping so hard, like everyone else, that the Germans get it together again and come through. The office has already started getting a "tip spiel" (betting) up and running and the friendly national ribbing has already started.

I NEVER watch footie other than with these big competitions and then I fall passionately into it. This feeling of so many people rooting for the same thing which doesn't involve politics or religion is refreshing and quite heart wrenching for a sensitive lil soul like me.

And the other match that I remember so clearly? When Germany fell out of the competition after losing to Italy...bleurgh! Sorry Boss, but it was a nasty game which the Italians did not deserve to win. And that horribly sad feeling that it was over...eurgh.

Of course...we then all switched our allegiance to the French (which is amazing in itself as no-one ever likes the French! ;P) and then they went and lost too! GAAARGH!

And so..only a few weeks left to go and then the fever will start again. I can't bloody wait!

Hmmm...might have to get some black, red and gold clothes for Poppy for the duration. And a German flag that she can have tattooed on her face. I wonder if you can get these silly inflatable hammers and click-clack things too? Poppy is gonna become a sl Germany football fan of the highest order I think!


Damned English! I would look so much better in just white and red, but you fekked it up - idiots!

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Banjac Serevi said...

Ah Doughnut, welcome back!

Interesting book - do shout if anyone finds it has been translated into the Queen's lingo. One to thumb through with Half during the cold winter evenings?

Wikipedia translates the title as "Wetlands" which sounds a tad less obvious than "Damp Parts". Although I prefer the latter..

I note the author is half English, half German...that rings a bell..
Not promoting your own book I trust..???!!! LOL

Reading and laughing on the Underground brings back memories. Spike Milligan's first autobiographical book, "Adolf Hitler, My Part in his Downfall" left me shaking with laughter and crying while on the way to work. Fellow travellers looked on in horror fearng I was having a fit. God forbid you should draw attention to yourself. Spike was quite mad but had a wonderful way with words. Which brings me neatly back to Poppy...

Better do some work I suppose...sighs