Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Waiting with baited breath...

Ohhhh...I'm taking a break from watching the news and thought that I would give a sign of life ;)

Two big things going on at the moment. Of course, the US elections are (marginally) more important that waiting for M Linden's announcement tomorrow in regards the Openspace Sim pricing fiasco.

But both have me involved.

My hopes...Obama to win (please please please please please, do the right thing America!!!) and that M Linden also does the right thing and backs down (at least a bit) from the ridiculous 66% tier increase (and for no more prims or improved performance).

Both will make my Wednesday very happy :))

Ohh...coverage has just restarted...only 3 or so hours to go until the first results are in. Must dash!

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