Friday, 10 October 2008

England vs. Germany, Wednesday 19th November

Just to be typical Poppy and go waaaay off topic (that being SL), I wanted to tell you (read: brag) about the fact that I got my mits on some tickets to see England play Germany in November!!!


Now bear in mind that within 8 minutes of going on sale all internet sites where you could buy tickets had crashed due to demand.

I am REALLY happy!

Ok, I've paid nearly double the going rate and its cost me a bloody fortune, I don't care!

I will be in the Berlin Olympic Stadium freezing my bottom off whilst watching THE friendly of the year!

*giggles in excitement

Ok, most of you probably don't watch football at all, but I'm thrilled!

And as long as it doesn't end up 0:0, the money will have been worth it.

Coz being half German and half English I shall win either way.

Poppy and 74, 599 others (mostly men I hasten to add ;D)...its gonna be bloomin marvellous!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ya got me a ticket too i suppose?

*counts the money in her piggybank*

xx HS