Sunday, 7 September 2008

*looks up and smiles

Thank you to those of you who gave me a shoulder and an ear...VERY much appreciated and the good news is that poppy is now feeling a lot better (about bloody time, I know), but has also started to get the proper help that she needs.

Things ain't perfect, but then again, they never were! Hehehehe!

But I'm feeling a lot closer to my normal self. :)

Other than trying to find my feet again lately, I haven't been up to all that much.

The new laptop arrived amid much oohhing and ahhing, as did the new laptop table (toooo cool! Search for it in Amazon as it is cheaper; they're great for lazy arses like me who sit on the sofa or on the bed).

I finally transferred everything from the old lappy and deleted everything and gave it to a friend of mine.

Highlight of the weekend?

When I was showing her how the laptop basically works and she asked me if it took AA batteries or AAA.

I swear to God. I laughed myself silly and have damaged her techie confidence for life. But sorry, that was too damned funny!

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